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Education & ScienceWithin the history of mankind, many civilizations have been built up and flourished and many have declined and perished. Sources are key for any civilization to exist or to vanish. Of all of the sources, the primary useful resource is man. Without human mind, easy material assets could not make any civilization flourish or decline. For Lesley-Anne’s Week 7 programme, she was fortunate sufficient to be chosen to go to Tangier, Morocco; Ceuta, Spain; and Gilbraltar, UK, that are geographically close by however with very different cultures. It was to check national identity in contested areas underneath Global Affairs. You slave away for a paycheck. You aren’t in a fee-based place and work for another person.

Wining and eating your boss while knowing which fork to use (elegantly kissing a$$ in other words) could appear the epitome of success to you, but loving the person you married for what he’s …